Cedar – Not just practical; fancy too!

The Biltmore House - just a sensible home with cedar closets

Did you know that George Vanderbilt’s Biltmore house in Ashville, NC, the largest home in the U.S., has a cedar-lined closet that was used to store fine linens?

Did you know that the same percentage of Americans who have cedar closets also have wine cellars?

Those two facts may make you think that a cedar closet is out of your reach. After all, who wants to try to compete with George Vanderbilt? But the truth is, cedar is an affordable upgrade to your home that can pay you back in spades – with both fabric protection and home value!

For an average sized closet, just $150 to $360 will get you cedar planks to install yourself. But the final look will appear to have cost much, much more.

Just take a look at real estate listings – if a home has a cedar closet, it’s listed prominently among the home’s features. That says a lot about the power of cedar.

When you think luxury in a home, you may think of a swimming pool, a game room, a chef’s kitchen or a media room. Add “cedar closet” to that list. It’s a touch of luxury where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts!

CedarSafe closets by Giles & Kendall manufactures cedar planks, panels and accessories. Learn more about our 100-year history. 


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