Love Your Cedar!

If you took our CEO Blake’s advice and installed your very own cedar closet, or if you’re lucky enough to already have a cedar closet in your house, you know what an impact it can make. But how do you maintain it so it stays fresh for years to come?

We’ve got some tips to keep your cedar just like new!

1. Don’t seal it. When your cedar closet was installed, it shouldn’t have had any sealant put on it. That defeats the purpose of the cedar aroma! If you cedar was sealed or painted, however, just sand it off for a fresh cedar start!

2. Sand it regularly. Over time, cedar oils may crystallize on the surface of the cedar, preventing some of that great aroma from getting through. Give your planks a light sanding to restore them to their original cedar goodness.

3. Oil ‘em down. Sometimes cedar planks need more than a light sanding. If that’s the case, try rubbing some of Giles & Kendall’s cedar oil on the surface of your cedar for a revitalization!

Cedar is a great addition to any home, and keeping it in tip-top shape couldn’t be easier. It’s relatively low maintenance, and needs care only occasionally.

For more cedar products to enhance your home, visit our online store or most major home improvement retailers.


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