Get Online to Boost your Business

Times can be difficult for remodelers, especially in this economy. Where the phone used to ring, now there’s silence. So you have to get out there with fresh ideas! We’ve compiled a few online resources to give your business a jump start in the new year.

Generate some leads. Being a remodeler used to mean letting your clients come to you. Now it means you’re selling yourself and your handiwork. If you could use a little brush up on lead generation, check out this free, online webinar from MarketSharp. Selling is an art, so why not have a little backup information? 

Get free information. Lots of remodeling companies have free e-newsletters with great ideas and industry news. CedarSafe has one, and so does Remodeling. Sign up for a couple and use the ideas you get to boost your creativity, enhance your business or learn a new skill. It’s important to be a part of a community – even if it’s an online community – of people who do what you do.

Get inspired. If you have a little downtime, why not get inspired for future projects? We’ve written about Pinterest in the past, which is a great resource for remodelers (follow our pins), but there are plenty of other online homes for beautiful interiors. We love Houzz, with work from remodelers and decorators all over the world.

So even though business may be a little slow, it’s a great time to get ahead by utilizing the internet and all its tools for remodelers. Also, check out our website for other great cedar projects, and assistance when a project comes in.


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