How remodelers can keep busy during the housing crisis

If you’re like many builders and remodelers, the last few years have been slow as homeowners stay put in their current homes rather than trying to sell, build or even do large remodeling projects to add value.

But this stay-at-home mindset doesn’t mean they don’t crave change and aren’t willing to pay for it. Now may be the time to interest them in making smaller, less expensive improvements to their existing homes.

You might want to approach existing clients with ideas for small-scale kitchen and bath remodels instead of major overhauls, adding storage space, redesigning their closet or pantry, adding exterior walks and entryways that give them the feel of a new house while they’re restricted in their current one yet also add value and curb appeal.

Maintenance can also prove to be a worthy project offering right now. Flashing, replacing buckled patios, upgrading decks, painting or even repairs or honey-do lists can add cash to your cash flow.

Find other ideas here for home improvement projects to offer clients now and what homeowners may be more interested in doing during this economy.


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